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Payment solution for business customers

Transform orders into revenue faster with B2B checkout for automated invoicing and complete order-to-cash functionality.

  • Automatic invoicing process from order to report
  • B2B payment solution and widget for e-commerce
  • E-invoice, PDF, print, and credit card
  • Peppol-verkkoon pääsy
B2B maksunvälittäjä

b2b checkout


B2B checkout is a solution for automatic invoicing and enables order-to-cash management. It allows you to establish a sales transaction process with a minimum of manual tasks.

Work directly in the platform or install our widget in your e-commerce. It is easy to integrate and get started.


Boost B2B e-commerce sales

Simplify sales to business customers in your e-commerce solution. Our B2B checkout creates orders with automated invoicing in the format that suits your customer.

  • E-invoice and Peppol
  • PDF invoice via email
  • Printed invoice via mail
  • Card payment
b2b e-commerce

Order-to-cash automaatiolla

B2B checkout can automate your O2C process. Your customer places the order, and Qvalia manages the transaction.

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Automaattinen täsmäytys

Accounts receivable made easy. Keep your books in order with automated customer payment reconciliation.

Recurring B2B invoicing

Build a recurring revenue stream. Make subscriptions and SaaS sales easy with recurring invoicing. 

Tehosta myyntiä fiksuilla tarjouksilla 

Increase your sales with smart offers. Send customer tenders by email or post. Qvalia is the effienct solution for personalized sales promotions and offers at scale. 

B2B-maksutapahtumat CRM- ja ERP-integraatiolla

B2B checkout is easy to integrate with your ERP via API or SFTP. The B2B payment gateway widget works with most e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce.

Learn more about how B2B checkout can automate your invoicing

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Stripe teknologiakumppani

Qvalia hyödyntää Stripe-teknologiaa, joka mahdollistaa korttimaksujen turvallisen käsittelyn.