Feature - Preposting

Automated preposting for your accounting

Transform your accounting process with automated preposting on a line-item level. Enable detailed and instant accounting process, seamlessly integrated with your ERP.

  • Automatisert forhåndspostering
  • Nøyaktighet på postnivå
  • Prosess i sanntid
  • Simple integration

Accounting automation on line-item-level

Forvandler måten du administrerer regnskapsprosessen på med skybasert regnskapsautomatisering. Hver varelinje på hver leverandørfaktura identifiseres , struktureres og kategoriseres. Automatisk og øyeblikkelig. Forhåndskontert og ferdig.

Fungerer med kontoplanen din

With instant preposting, costs are placed where they belong. Preposting with Qvalia works no matter how your chart of accounts is set up. Our integrated mapping tool makes it easy to map your accounts to standardized product and service categories.


Standardisert klassifisering

Supplier invoice line items are structured using UNSPSC, a global product classification standard — access to more than 50,000 categories for every possible product and service.

Regnskapsautomatisering utviklet for rask implementering

Preposting enables accounting automation seamlessly in any IT environment, with any ERP or accounting software, using API or STFP integration.

Preposting to your ERP

Intuitiv arbeidsflyt for godkjenning

Preposting works perfectly with our app for invoice approvals. Enable an intuitive and seamless invoice approval workflow that adds precision, control, and velocity to your finance process.


En komplett løsning for din finansprosess

Du kan enkelt oppgradere for å dra nytte av alle plattformfunksjonene.

Advance your finance routines into an automated digital process with our workflow companion app, invoice management and invoice deviation handling functionality, and more. Our platform manages all transactions. Approve invoices on the go with one click. Follow your organizational spend at a line-item level in real time. Your accounting data is automatically pre-posted and uploaded to your ERP or accounting software.

Qvalia offers transaction-based pricing, 30-day cancellation, and no term periods or license fees.

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