Digital readiness analysis

Every organisation has a digital journey to make. Digital readiness analysis by Qvalia transforms purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. We assess and map your organisation’s underlying transaction data. Discover your automation potential. Take control of your data. Streamline your processes.

Digital readiness analysis is the first step in transforming your P2P and O2C processes. Technological innovation is changing faster than most can embrace. The pressure is on from customers and competitors, to partners and owners. All aspects of business are affected. How we work, sell, and interact.

This pressure is also on regarding the software we use. How data is being produced and used is the key to digital insight. Why invest in massive solutions if disruption awaits around the corner?

The first thing you need to do is start taking control of your data. Qvalia helps you assess and map your organisation’s underlying data, how it’s managed, identity improvement areas, quick-wins and long-term objectives.

Why digital readiness?

  • Understand your data.
  • Identify your improvement potential.
  • Automate your processes.
  • Discover new opportunities.

How it works

Our experts perform a complete analysis of business and transactional data to determine your digital readiness and automation potential. Sources include contracts, orders, dispatch/goods received, invoices, supplier registry master data and accounting.

Your data is analysed from the following dimensions.


When is data known and entered?


How is data authorised, updated and corrected?


When is data used?


How is data shared across the organisation?


Supplier collaboration?


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