Transaction management and recovery audit services

Qvalia Consulting is a leader in transaction management and recovery audit. We recover lost capital, manage VAT, and improve accounts payable processes. Your data is your most important asset and we help you realise it – from correcting past transactions and managing present challenges to preparing for future opportunities.

Lost in transaction

In a digital world, transactions should just flow. Seamlessly. 100% accurate. For most companies and organisations that is unfortunately not the case. Billions are lost in transactions every year. We identify and recover capital due to pitfalls such as missed VAT deductions, overpayments, and double payments for more than 650 of the Nordic’s largest organisations. With no economic risk for our customers. Contact us and we will explain how our transaction management and recovery audit services can improve your results.

Transaction management consulting services


Recovery Audit

Capital recovery without economic risk for our customers. Every accounts payable team struggle with complexity; from outdated processes, to VAT legislation, and software silos. Our experts recover capital that have been lost and provide you with unique insights into your organisation’s transaction management, complexity and potential.

VAT Management

Full service VAT management specialist. International business requires international knowledge of VAT, one of the most complex areas in AP. Our experts at Vathub takes care of all aspects of VAT registration and deduction.

Digital Strategy

Full service consultancy to future-proof your transactional data. The key to automation and digital transformation of transaction processes begins by taking control of your data. Qvalia’s experts provides digital readiness analysis, hands-on automation support, and guides you in the development of new products and services.

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“Professional, instructive and rewarding. A valuable, good cooperation and follow-up of the findings that were made.”

Veronica Mosti
Team Leader Accounting, Hurtigruten ASA