Accounting automation and spend analysis

In a digital world, data is probably your most important asset. No matter what business you’re in. Time to capitalise this potential. Find out how Qvalia digitises your transactional data and enables accounting automation and data-driven decision- making in procurement. All within your existing ERP and accounting software.

Your business is your transactions

Qvalia’s transaction automation platform puts you in control. By accessing, integrating, and visualising purchase invoice data, you’ll realise the potential of full accounting automation and gain complete insight into organisational spend. In real-time. The secret? A new approach to transactional data – and a pinch of crowdsourcing.


Our Analytics Solutions

Crowdsourced automation

Invoice management and accounting is a struggle. For the accounts payable team. For purchasers in your organisation. And for you. Qvalia enables full accounting automation with crowdsourcing technology. Invoice items are categorised instantly, thanks to our community of users, in accordance to United Nation’s standardised products and services database (UNSPSC). If Qvalia hasn’t yet categorised a particular item, do it once and never again.

Data-driven procurement decisions

Traditional spend analysis software is much like reinventing the wheel. With full control of your invoice data, information about your spend wouldn’t need to be recreated in expensive stand-alone applications. Discover the benefit of fully informed data-driven procurement decisions. Qvalia provides spend analysis and risk profiling in real-time. Know from whom your organisation purchases, what is being purchased, how much you spend. Beautifully visualised, intuitively user-friendly.

Don’t disrupt your infrastructure

Changing accounting or enterprise resource planning software is one of the most dreaded endeavours in an organisation. The requirements in time and money are significant. Don’t disrupt your infrastructure, make it smarter. Qvalia integrates your transactional data seamlessly and securely with your ERP through our flexible APIs or SFTP.

Get going with Analytics

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Sign up and get going within minutes using Qvalia’s cloud-based software platform. Minimal ERP integration needed.


Start routing purchase invoices through Qvalia. You decide the volume.


Qvalia digitises and categorises line items on every invoice. When not recognised automatically, categorise it yourself once and you’ll never have to do it again.

Set up rules

Set up accounting automation rules with just a few clicks. Apply code, project or cost center once and you’ll never have to do it again.


Experience spend analysis in real-time. Effortless insights into your organisation’s purchases, suppliers and risk profiles.

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  • Increase organisational productivity with automation. Enable your organisation to spend time on things that matter.
  • Reduce accounting complexity.
  • Manage procurement with fully informed insights into organisational spend.

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