This dark Thursday morning started off with a good reference from Finland.

Mercantile is a over century-old Finnish family business. From 1901 until today, listening, and serving, entrepreneurs and companies are the guarantees for success and the concept of operations for the group.
Mercantile was founded in Tampere, on the 7th of December 1901. The companies domain of industry was originally the import and export of factory and commercial commodities. Since then, the company operations have expanded gradually and now Mercantile has grown into a corporate group. Since the mid-point of 2008, Mercantile-group has been focused on the distribution of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles in Finland and Estonia – continuing on with the tradition and professional competence of a 110-years of experience.

“We are very pleased with the project. This for us was easy, convenient and everything was completed as agreed. We will certainly continue working with Qvalia”

Ulla Kyrö, CFO, Mercantile Oy Ab

Recovery Recovery


Les grandes entreprises enregistrent un nombre important de transactions. Elles n’ont souvent pas les outils adaptés pour vérifier que leurs données concordent.

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Precovery Precovery


Pour prévenir des transactions incorrectes, Precovery filtre de manière proactive le flux des factures, en les triant et en signalant les erreurs. En qualité de client, vous obtenez un flux de transactions.

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Quantified Commerce Quantified Commerce

Quantified Commerce

Anticipez vos besoins futurs et découvrez-en les avantages. Nous sommes en mesure de proposer un service de comptabilité fournisseurs 100% automatisé qui vous offrira un réel gain de temps tout en réduisant au maximum les erreurs transactionnelles.

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