Qvalia continues supporting BRIS

Qvalia will continue supporting BRIS:

Bris – Children’s Rights in Society – is an NGO working for the rights of the child.

Bris is a voluntary organization with no political or religious affiliations, to which children can turn for advice and support. Bris was founded in 1971 and is organized into one national association with five regional offices.


Recovery Recovery


Large companies conduct a lot of transactions. They often don’t have the tools to check that all the figures tally. Recovery restores lost capital and corrects errors that have been booked.

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Precovery Precovery


To prevent incorrect transactions, Precovery proactively filters the flow of invoices, sifting through and flagging up errors. As a customer you obtain an improved and refined flow of transactions.

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Quantified Commerce Quantified Commerce

Quantified Commerce

Think ahead and discover the benefits. We can deliver a one hundred percent automated accounts payable service which both saves time and minimizes transactional errors.

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